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Frequently Asked Questions

The following page provides a number of frequently asked questions.  Click on the question to find the answer.

If you can't find the answer to a question you have, please contact Rent Smart Wales.


What is Rent Smart Wales?

Landlord Accreditation Wales FAQs

Landlord Registration

I am a landlord in Wales; how do I register and what do I have to do? 

I want to register on-line but I am the landlord for a lot of rental properties in Wales. 

Is there a way I can upload my properties to the register rather than input them individually?

Can an agent register on behalf of a landlord?

How much does it cost to register as a landlord?

What information is made publicly available about a registered landlord or licensed landlord/agent?

What are the fees collected for landlord registration and landlord and agent licensing used for?

Do I need to include rental properties I have outside of Wales in my registration?

Landlord and Agent Licensing

How do I obtain a landlord licence and how long does it last?

The definition of letting and management activities carried out by a landlord for which they must have a licence

Who needs to be trained so that a landlord can be licensed?

How much does a landlord licence cost?

The definition of letting and management work carried out by an agent for which they must have a licence

How do I obtain an agent licence and how long does it last?

How much does an agent licence cost?

What training must I do to obtain a licence?

I am a landlord and an agent; do I need to apply for both a Landlord Licence and an Agent Licence?

I need to become licensed to manage a rental property in Wales but cannot attend a training course in person. 

What can I do?

Who needs to register and obtain a licence?

I have a licensed House in Multiple Occupation in Wales; do I have to be registered and licensed with Rent Smart


I own a house but my partner does all the management work. Do we both need a licence?

I jointly own a rental property with someone else. We both do the property management work.  Do we both need

to register and become licensed?

I own some rental properties on my own and some jointly.  Who needs to register and who needs to obtain a


I own and manage my own rental properties and also manage others' rental properties.  What do I need to do?

I run a letting and management agency and we have a number of staff.  Which if my staff need to be trained so my

company can get a licence?

I am a Trustee of a Trust which owns property in Wales. Does the new legislation apply to us and our property?

Do contractors such as gardeners, gas engineers, electricians, etc need to apply for a licence?


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